In Kazakhstan from May 14, 2019 come into force the Rules for Regulation of Prices for Medicinal Products (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), adopted by the Order of the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. EP DSM-42 dated April 19, 2019.

The rules define:

• Deadline for applying for registration of prices for the wholesale and retail sale of MP (medicinal products).

• Features of the establishment of the limit price for the trade name of MP for wholesale on the reproduced drug (generic) or bio-analogous drug during the period of the patent protection.

• Periodicity and term of approval of the limit prices for the trade name of MPs for the retail sale of all MPs sold by subjects in the field of circulation of MPs and MD (medicinal devices).

• Order and maintenance of the registry of prices.

• Establishment of margins, calculation and approval of marginal prices for the trade name of MPs for wholesale sales, for retail sales, prices for the international unpatented name of MPs, the calculation of the price list and mark-up of a single distributor for the goods.

• Prices of MPs manufactured in a pharmacy.

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