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  • Conducting of preliminary trademark search in national and international trademark databases;
  • Providing legal opinions on patentability of marks (brands) and their possible use without registration;
  •  Preparing, filing and maintenance of applications for trademark registration in national patent offices, as well as the submission and maintenance of international registrations under the Madrid Agreement (the Protocol);
  •  Renewal of trademark certificates;
  •  Preparation of contracts and registration of license agreements and agreements on the transfer of trademark rights. Legal support of the negotiation process;
  •  Detection of violations of trademark rights and collection of information about the offender;
  • Negotiation and preparation of documents for peaceful settlement of dispute;
  •  Consultation on a pre-trial and judicial protection strategies of trademark rights.
  • Patent search and provision of opinions on results;
  • Preparing, filing and maintenance of patent applications, including applications in the Eurasian Patent Organization;
  • Preparation and registration of license agreements;
  • Provision of opinions on patentability;
  •  Extension and maintenance of patents;
  • Analysis of violations and collection of information about the offender.
  •  Advising clients on avoidance of violations of rights by third parties;
  • Leading of patent disputes;
  • Leading of negotiations and dispute settlement;
  • Leading the portfolio of patents in one or a number of jurisdictions;
  •  Monitoring of violations and the use of patents.
  • Preparation and submission of letters of claims and notices for termination of IP infringements;
  • Gathering an evidence base on the fact of offence and collection of information about the offender;
  • Judicial protection of rights holders;
  • Development of a strategy of entrance of products (services) into national markets;
  • Adoption of measures to protect against counterfeiting;
  • Negotiations with violators, state authorities, including customs and anti-trust authorities;
  • Regular monitoring of retail chains, wholesale markets and the Internet (IP-monitoring);
  • Collaboration with government agencies (customs, antitrust authorities, financial police, judicial authorities and prosecutors).
  • Recommendations on the choice of domain names and registration of top-level domains (.com; .org; .net; .info; .biz);
  • The Registration of national domains (.ru; .kz; .uz; .td; .kg; .tm);
  • Settlement of disputes relating to domain names in accordance with established procedure;
  • Leading litigations related to domain names;
  • Preparation of agreements and leading the process of transfer of trademark rights;
  • Registration of domain names as trademarks.
  • IP audit;
  • Development and introduction of a regime of trade secret;
  • Drafting of privacy policy and confidentiality agreements;
  • Translation of patent and scientific- technical documentation;
  • Preparation of applications and registration of appellations of origin;
  • Legal support of advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns.

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