Legalmax, represented at the event by attorney at law and trademark attorney Alexander Lobanov, shared the latest trends in law enforcement and related collisions and inefficiencies of a number of mechanisms.

Our firm takes pride in leading the formation of judicial practice and setting trends in the protection of intellectual property.

We were the first to develop the foundations and practice of measures for customs protection, combating parallel import, and removal of counterfeit goods from the market, devising a mechanism that allows in practice to protect the rights of right holders in Uzbekistan.

Our colleague Alexander Lobanov, being specially invited as an expert, shared his extensive experience in court cases that had a significant impact on industries such as pharmaceuticals and FMCG. The firm's experience and the expertise of colleagues play a key role in forming defense strategies and industry development.

We note and welcome the arrival at the Ministry of Justice of such specialists as Deputy Minister Ikramov M.M., Department Director Kanyazov E.S., heads of relevant structures Sagdullaev B.T., Ruziev B., and several others. This gives hope that the changes expected by the business will be more widely discussed, and the ministry itself will become even more open to dialogue with the business community.

From our side, collisions and imperfections in legislation were demonstrated on specific examples, particularly in the work of the business ombudsman, judicial executors, and law enforcement agencies. Alexander provided and voiced projects for amendments and additions to laws and codes aimed at increasing their effectiveness, especially emphasizing the inefficiency of the current system of fines and compensations collection.

Legalmax will continue to provide analytics, expert proposals, and participate in the work of professional associations and round tables. We are convinced that such an approach maximally contributes to achieving the ultimate goals of business and our clients.

We are proud that our contribution promotes the development of business and the legal environment in the country and beyond.

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