Successful negotiations of Legalmax lawyers with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have led to registration of a national trademark of a large Chinese tea distributor in Uzbekistan.

Legalmax lawyers have recently represented our local client in negotiations with the prominent international organization “World Wildlife Fund” (WWF) in pursuit of obtaining the WWF’s consent to register the Chinese tea manufacturer and distributor’s trademark, which is similar to the WWF’s prior trademarks in Uzbekstan.

After a series of negotiations with the World Wildlife Fund, the representatives of the Legalmax Law Firm obtained official consent for registration of our client’s similar trademark in the territory of Uzbekistan. As a result, the trademark panda was successfully registered in Uzbekistan in respect of goods of classes 21, 30 of the Nice Classification.

In the view of the aforementioned case, we recommend all businesses, no matter how small or big they are, to ensure the trade name, trade mark or brand name they wish to use in the future, or are using at the moment, are clear, e.g. through availability searches, and file trademark applications as early as possible. Otherwise, it could be quite difficult, time-consuming and costly to either obtain a consent or to invalidate the prior marks. Moreover, availability searches are fast and inexpensive way to identify the risks of using this or that mark in the course of your business, and the possibility that you could be the exclusive owner of the mark.