Peculiarities of using word elements "BIO", "ECO" and "ORGANIC" while trademark registration and product labeling in the Republic of Kazakhstan

As it is known, labeling products with designations, which demonstrate naturalness of products and origin thereof, is a marketing tool that is widely used both by manufacturing companies and distributor organizations, and even sometimes by companies, which…

UZBEKISTAN: National developers of innovation projects will be supported

A new mechanism for supporting innovative enterprises has been developed. It is described in detail in the forum of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed by the Presidential Decree "On measures to stimulate innovation and the implementation of…

UZBEKISTAN is Encouraging Timely Payment of Patent Fees

New provision is under discussion, which will encourage timely payment of patent fees. The patents can be restored within 3 years in cases where the payment of fees, which maintains the patent, has not been submitted by the due date, unless the patent has…

RUSSIA: Dispute Resolution Related to IP Right Simplified

Recently, the Duma passed the bill in its first reading simplifying the resolution of disputes concerning intellectual rights.The draft law introduces pre-court dispute settlement procedure on claims of right holders for compensation of losses, if the…

Amendments to expect in IP legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017.

In frame of upcoming changes in IP legislation of Uzbekistan new mechanisms of protection of exclusive rights are suppose to be introduced. Below we present major amendments, in our opinion, which are expected in IP legislation: - IP AGENCY OF UZBEKISTAN AND…

Amendments to expect in trademarks legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017

As part of the draft law On introducing amendments and supplements into several legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the “RK”) on the issues of improvement of the legislation in the sphere of intellectual property (the “Draft Law”) is expected…

Company news

March 03, 2016 231

LEGALMAX sponsors "Legends of Uzbek Ceramics" Exhibition.

Legendary art by Uzbek masters of ceramics that has been known for thousands of years. For the first time in many years, the famous potters of our time, were able to gather together on 21-23 November 2015 to present their work to the general public, demonstrating the art is living among Uzbek… Details
February 16, 2016 333

IIPLA annual Congress in Dubai

Djakhangir Aripov, partner and patent attorney of Legalmax, participated at the IIPLA annual Congress (International Intellectual Property Law Association), which was held in Dubai on 18-19 January 2016. During participation in the Congress as a speaker, Djakhangir presented an extensive report on… Details
January 05, 2016 213

Legalmax Law Firm lawyers held a lecture at the Tashkent State Law University.

Legalmax Law Firm lawyers held a lecture at the Tashkent State Law University devoted to "Intellectual Property in Innovative Economy". The purpose of the lecture was to acquaint students with the key bedrocks of regulation in the sphere of intellectual property in Uzbekistan, and its importance… Details
November 27, 2015 394

Successful negotiations of Legalmax lawyers with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have led to registration of a national trademark of a large Chinese tea distributor in Uzbekistan.

Legalmax lawyers have recently represented our local client in negotiations with the prominent international organization “World Wildlife Fund” (WWF) in pursuit of obtaining the WWF’s consent to register the Chinese tea manufacturer and distributor’s trademark, which is similar to the WWF’s prior… Details
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Nov 10, 2015 520

Legalmax law firm has successfully protected the interests of the Hollywood film company.

Legalmax law firm has successfully protected the interests of the Hollywood film company disputing unfair trade mark registration of the world famous cartoon character. The lawyers and patent attorneys represented the interests of the American film company in the case of invalidation the trademark… Details


Kazakhstan: Overcoming Provisional Refusals of International Trademark Registration

With the accession to the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks by the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign applicants and mark owners have been enjoying the benefits of the system, such as submitting a single international application in…

Marketing Authorization and Registration of Trademarks for Pharmaceutical Drugs in Uzbekistan: Peculiarities and Differences

As both consumers and lawyers dealing with IP infringement cases, each day we face with the fact that many pharmaceutical companies (both independent legal entities and representative offices of foreign corporations) operate in Uzbekistan promoting and…

Customs register has started functioning in Uzbekistan

Customs IP register of Uzbekistan as for January 1, 2017 The Customs Code in new edition has come into force on April 22, 2016, and it now allows right holders to control the importation of goods which are protected as an intellectual property in…

Patent Linkage System and Its Relevance for Generic Drugs Registration in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

This articles addresses issues related to the protection of the rights of brand-name drug patent holders in connection with generic drugs registration by other manufacturers. The way drugs have to make from a laboratory to a pharmacy is known to be very long…

Arbitration in Uzbekistan: Key Things to Know

The judicial system of Uzbekistan consists of the Constitutional Court, courts of general jurisdiction for civil and criminal cases, economic courts, and military courts. The main act regulating and establishing the procedure for organization and activity of…

Anti-counterfeiting Measures in Uzbekistan in the Absence of Customs Recordation: Recommendations to Brand Owners

Due to amendments in the legislation of Uzbekistan come into force on 22nd of April, 2016 the information below ceased to be effective. For the latest update on customs measures, please go to the link Foreign manufacturers and brand owners as well as…

Main means to protect trademarks in Uzbekistan in a nutshell

First of all it is important to note that the dynamics of debates exiting nowadays among public institutions, businesses, and mass media regarding such issues as the use and protection of intellectual property is a certain indicator of the beginning of an…

IP enforcement in Kazakhstan. How it really works

This article contains general information about IP enforcement practice in Kazakhstan and our recommendations on the best ways for trademark owners to protect their rights. 1. Protection of Trademark Owners’ Rights under Kazakh Law In Kazakhstan, trademarks…


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